Friday, April 30, 2010


This is a car that was pink with white strips before I pulled it apart and stripped it down to raw diecast metal, after that I proceeded to respray it and weather the chrome shiny bits to give it a more realistic feel, this will be one of the cars I will use in my zombie games as either a suburban prop, getaway car or in a campaign it will be a car that somebody owns, I think the matt black paint job looks cool, when I paint up a civilian or two I will repost it with the civs for a scale comparison, this is the American muscle car equivilent to Mad Max's Aussie muscle car 1973 Ford Falcon XB coupe Supercharged... we dont need another hero !


Consul said...

Haha that's awesome!

Have you ever played that Zombies! boardgame? It's very good.

The Extraordinarii said...

No I havent played it yet, but I did download the rules, play board and counters and plan on giving it a go soon, the rules looked like fun.

Whiteface said...

This car is absolutely awesome! Wow, I thought my Survivors would be cool in their '68 Shelby GT-500, but this is...just wow!

BUT...miles per gallon will be evil.

Whiteface / Oliver

The Extraordinarii said...

LOL it would be very evil....but it will be a great getaway car :)