Saturday, February 16, 2013


Expanding on my Wild West theme, I have some Mexicans for show, the top two will most likely turn out to be either Mexican Bounty Killers or just plain no good for nothing Mexican Outlaws, the mexican in the lower picture will be a mini someone can play or a player mini, these guys are armed with an assortment of guns, a spencer carbine, dual .45 colt single action revolvers and a std six shooter, as with most of my wild west minis I will probably stick to brown earthy colour tones with an occasional splash of colour I hope you like these fellas as I think they turned out OK.

So again these are Bluemoon 15/18mm miniatures, good poses, good level of detail, minimal prep work and were a joy to paint, get some if you can, next up should be some lawmen, until then 'Hasta luego seƱor' (see you later Mr).