Saturday, October 22, 2011


My Next completed items for my Tusk Project, are a pair of Coelodonta or simply known as the Woolly Rhinoceros, these miniatures are again in 15mm and are again from Primaeval Designs, Richard Deasey (sculptor) has again done a fantastic job on the sculpting side of things, accurate characterful, proportionate and detailed to the max, these were a joy to paint up and have turned up a treat, I tried my hardest to find a fault with these miniatures but they are simply perfect !

So these Rhinos will be just something else that can be hunted, and will add to the overall animal population and food count, now I received my order of extra mammoths, but I realised that I had ordered the wrong ones !! so Craig at Archeson Creations was kind enough to resend me the correct mammoths, these should hit my shores in about a week and a bit.

 once I receive the mammoth herd then its straight onto the terrain, I also have a few Terror birds and Hunting Dogs coming from Splintered light Minis, the only other things I want to get is probably a pack of wolves and some wild boars, and of course more Hunters and Hairy Bipeds when and if they are created through Primaeval Designs.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011


I wanted to share one of my favourite movies based in prehistory, its called Quest for fire, the general premise of the movie is about a clan of Neanderthals who early in the movie get attacked by a local clan of Hairy Bipeds, many members get killed in the ensuing fight and they also lose the ability to create fire, so they assign to some of their best warriors the task of recapturing fire, the movie follows this band of warriors as they journey through differing lands on their Quest to find Fire !

Sunday, October 16, 2011


So I have been a little slack lately, taking plenty of time between posts, so I will post a few times over the next few days, anyway, today I have finished painting some Hairy biped types, these guys will be an opposing local clan to our protagonists, both parties will use the same hunting grounds, this of course will cause some heated encounters, these guys will be stronger than the human types, but will be governed by low intellect and low tech weapons.... there fists, I believe according to history that some of these Hominid types were also cannibalistic, so they will raid human camps looking for food !  

These miniatures are from 15mm.Co.UK, decent enough sculpts, but I think they were intended to be used as angry apes, but I will use them as Hairy bipeds, they came with a little flashing but nothing to serious, the only complaint I have is that they sent me six all in the same pose (I hate it when they do this), so I bent the arms at different angles to get some slight variation, I actually considered sculpting some human like faces on them, but doubted my skill at sculpting so I didn't, there are also some Khurasan hairy biped types that I want to get, these ones have clubbing weapons, perhaps I'll try sculpting human like faces on these miniatures, well see.