Sunday, June 27, 2010


My spare time of late has been devoted to trying to complete my 'roads and pavements' terrain for my Zombie project, this part of it is stage 1, it will take some time to complete and I would like to show it off in a complete state, not that its much to look at right now, so while I work on that I also spent a few days developing my zombie rule set, called 'Feel The Rage', this so far is going good, of all the zombie rule sets that I have read through there really wasnt anything that I felt statisfied to use, some were too complex while others were too simple and yet others just outright unrealistic, I understand that its 'just a game' but a game is at its best when it faithfully mimics reality upto a certain point, you know what I mean right ? so, thus far I have figured out the base structure of the game, 'The Turn' the game wil be played in turns, within each turn will be phases, it is within these phases that all the action will occur, I have also figured out the in game movement for all involved, and played with the idea of a deck of action cards(for added randomness), the areas that I have not covered but will need to, are things like combat, vehicle movement, character creation, weaponary etc... as you can see there is still many areas to figure out, I will get there, little by little, bit by bit.

Saturday, June 19, 2010


'The streets of Small town USA beginning to form'

So, I have started work on my terrain piece for my Zombie gaming project, at first I had no idea where I was going to base my project, a few ideas that ran through my mind were an underground secret bunker, some random deserted  army base on the outskirts of a country town and an industrial Russian train yard (stalker-ish),  but knowing the project was going to be expensive, involving buildings and other complex terrain structures, I had to make it generic so that I could use it for other gaming genres in order to maximise its use, more bang for my buck, bearing all this in mind I decided to go with a small US town just like the ones you see in the movies, this will be generic enough to host a few other genres including but not limited to SWAT like hostage rescues, Bank robberies (Heat movie) and many others.


'The Terrain in pieces'

These terrain pieces will form the foundation of the town, the streets and sidewalks, there is still a lot to do, including houses, shops, phone booths, parklands all the buildings that would be crucial to a Zombie scenario, putting it all together took a couple of days work, but it has come up nicer than I thought it would, once I slap a bit of paint over it, it should look real sweet. the terrain came with a lot of craters, so I went throught it and putty filled most of them to give the town a more sedate feel about it, the overall size of the terrain piece will be about 6" x 5", its going good so far, more updates soon.


Thursday, June 10, 2010


Small Town USA Highway Patrol, These are Tactical Miniatures with Jada 2006 Camaro Police Cruisers, the tactical miniatures are cool looking miniatures, nice poses with plenty of detail, the only down side I found was that there was alot flashing to clean up and strong mold lines, on a couple of the weapons there was also alot of grit molded in which was really disappointing, aside from this I was quite happy with these minis.

So these guys and gal will form part of the local Law Enforcement, I also have a sheriff painted up who I am currently trying to find a ride for, I do have another Jada vehicle in mind but we will see how that goes, the Highway patrol will assist the local sheriff, and believe me he will need it, small town USA will soon become Zombieland, I think they painted up nice, hope you like them.