Saturday, April 27, 2013


So its been a little while since I posted anything, which doesn't mean I haven't been doing any painting or gaming, but to be fair to all the followers of this blog I had better post something up as I haven't yet made my quota for this month.... so here goes.


So more on the Wild West front, after my last post I did say that I was working on Lawmen next and Lawmen it is, I have painted up four well dressed Local US Marshals, could they be the Earps? maybe, and in some games probably...   I will definitely use them as the Earps in one game, maybe the guy with the shotgun could pass as Doc Holiday ? offering up support for his friends, I suppose some off them could also pass as Mormons ??  either way these minis turned out real nice, they painted easy and are well posed for some gunslinging action, they are part of the Bluemoon range of Old West 15/18mm minis. thats it for today you can expect somemore post in the next few days, maybe even tomorrow !