Tuesday, August 27, 2013


Hi all, back again after a bit of an unforeseen break (sorry bout that), continuing on with the wild west theme, I have put together a wagon, buck board and a doctors buggy, scale wise these are 15/18mm and are all from Blue Moon Manufacturing, all of these will be just obstacles and cover for the many warring cowboy factions that will inhabit my terrain, enjoy...

The buckboard was a basic four wheeled wagon of simple construction, usually drawn by a horse, a very iconic form of transport in the wild west, it received its name via the front most board which protects the driver from the horse's hooves if it was to 'buck'.


 The doctors buggy, again simple in construction, a smaller four wheeled wagon, usually drawn by one horse, but with much more comfortable additions, colored wheels and a comfy seating position, not a bad way to travel in the wild west.


The Wagon, A heavy four wheeled vehicle usually used to transport goods and in some cases even people, is the ultimate iconic ride in the wild west.