Saturday, May 28, 2011


Hi fellow bloggers and followers, I just wanted to let you all know that I am in the process of moving house (bought an apartment a couple of months ago, Yay me!), the blogging side of it has been real quiet, everything is packed up and boxed so there is no chance of getting much done here, its going to be this way until after the first week of june, which is not that far away right ?.... so for now, keep on blogging everyone! and here is a bit of a terrain teaser, this is my terrain for my zombie apoc project, its called 'Small Town USA' its not completely finished but its close enough, see you all in a few weeks.

'Small Town USA'

Sunday, May 8, 2011


Hi everyone, I have made a start on my American Indian Plains war project, this project will feature open prairie terrain with a cattle ranch to one side, fighting sides will be the Ranchers, Plains indians, the Cheyenne and the Sioux, US Cav, Confederate outlaw rebels, leftovers from the civil war, prob some Mexicans and maybe some Apaches. After doing my Zombie Apoc project I realised that 28mm scale is not the right scale I want to game in, so this project (and most likely every other) is being done in 15mm (1:87or HO scale), there are lots of reasons why I made the change, the main reasons being, storage, price, amount of time spent per figure, size of terrain needed, quality of 15mm sculpts, etc... I am still continuing with my Zombie Apoc project, and will add to them and post them as I collect and paint more. 

So the first unit I painted up is the famed 7th Cavalry, A Troop, they are painted 'Hollywood style' with white hats, yellow handkerchiefs and a very uniformed look, this was not reality but it is the way I remember them from when I was a young fellow, watching all those Sunday afternoon Cav vs Indian movies, these guys are the dismounted version of the 7th Cav, and are not yet based (Litko order is already on the way). 

A few things too note are a couple of conversions I made, the LT had his riding gloves and his shoulder boards rank added with green stuff, also the corporal had the front of his hat bent back to resemble how some of the troops wore there hats in those days, I think these adjustments made those figures stand out and gave them a little extra character, the miniatures are Bluemoon, from there War paint range, these are great miniatures, with good detail making them very easy to paint, only disappointing thing was the miniature's faces, the sculpting on them was average.