Monday, February 28, 2011


So, I have been going hard on the Terrain side of my project, showcasing this week a variety of street fillers, from left to right I got my hands on three ladders, they are made of plastic and will serve the Survivors well, giving them access to rooftops and other out of reach areas, I will even allow the players to carry the ladders around if they wish for use in different circumstances, all this will be at a cost of course, Hehehe.

The second Item on display are street signs, you can't have a street scene without street signs right? I have a pair of each sign placed strategically around the terrain, I purposely damaged the signs to give them more of a used look, they seem more authentic this way, at least I think they do ... added a bit of grim to them aswell, I think there pretty cool.

The last item is a street light, I have four of these placed in pairs around my terrain for added realism, the height is right, I just wished they would have been a little thicker in the base of the shaft but ah well cant have everything hey? I had to put the street lights on a plastic styrene base so I could blue tac them down, this helps keep them straight and upright.
The ladders I purchased off some random dude on Evilbay, the signs I made, street lights, again purchased of Evilbay (search - O scale street lights), all these items are great and add so much to the overall feel of my terrain.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011


My latetest addition to filling up Small Town USA is a Big Truck Trailer with a 'Budweiser' theme, it has opening sides (both) and an opening rear, all for serving the lovely Budweiser brew, The trailer measurers 28.5cm long x 5cm wide x 5.8 cm high, its made of a very hard ABS plastic, beautifully decorated with 'Budweiser' decals and scale wise its just about perfect, I would have preferred it if it was wider, but I can live with it.  

My terrain layout has two roads running down the middle of it with a meduim strip between them, it was too much space with not a lot in it, so, the idea of a truck trailer was birthed, when I placed the trailer down on the terrain it just seemed to fit right in, its nice looking, its the right scale and it filled the gap, I happy with the way it turned out, it will give players something else to run around or climb in the effort to get away from ever increasing zombie hordes. 

Sunday, February 13, 2011


At some stage during this project I decided that the earlier Jersey Barriers that I did just didn't cut the grade, so I got rid of them and bought some proper ones, these barriers were modelled from actual blueprints, they are better detailed, straight and they actually look like the real thing, in the picture above I have added to them some metal fencing for effect, in addition I printed out some warning signs for any would be passer by's.

I also painted up a couple with 'danger' colours black and yellow, the rest of them I left looking the std 'grey' colour, all in all I have about ten of them, I am happy with the way they turned out, hope you like them.

Saturday, February 5, 2011



41 Miniatures painted
2 Vehicles painted
1 pce of Terrain made and painted, 4 x 3 foot (gaming space)
6 Groups of Terrain accessories purchased
1 Zombie rule set written (needs playtesting)

My Zombie project still has a little way to go, but the end is in sight, there isnt that much left to do, hmm let me list them:
1) Must start painting zombies, about fifty in all should do it.
2) Need to finish detailing terrain, wooden fences, and back of building's junk, shrubs and a few trees.
3) Maybe more survivers with melee weapons
4) Tweak and playtest rule set 'Feel the Rage'
5) Base 15 already painted miniatures

If I focus properly I should be able to get this all done by Easter, and I should be able to squeeze a game in there aswell., which means a Batrep !!!! I finally get to waste some Zeds ..... oh what fun it is to ride.... (happy song)