Sunday, August 29, 2010


So, I managed to get my hands on some Bobby Jackson Miniatures, I absolutely love these miniatures, they have so much character and attitude, BJ really managed to capture the feel of a LA Ganger, from the first time I saw these minis I knew they would turn out looking real sweet, very happy with this purchase, now some of the miniatures had sculpting flaws but they werent anything I would be worried about, still happy with this purchase.


These guys painted up a treat, nice crisp casting with deep details, this makes the miniatures easy and enjoyable to paint, I cant speak highly enough of the presence and feel of these miniatures.
So the storyline for these Gangers is that they were passing thru Small Town USA when the Zombie Apocalypse happens to occur... wrong place at the wrong time, its probably payback for all the crap things they have done in their lives as Gang bangers.
now as far as the ride is concerned I purchased for them a 1969 Dodge Challenger ...cause thats how they roll.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010


Here is a cool Zombie flick for all you crazy Z day survivor wannabees, its a french movie, so you have to put up with subtitles (all you Sub haters beware) but its not long before you dont even notice your reading them, I purchased a copy off ebay, and waited patiently for my copy to arrive in the post, that night, the night it arrived, I went straight home and watched it, being a foriegn flick I wasnt expecting a whole lot, but, to my suprise it turned out unexpectedly fun and adventureous, the acting is good, the story is believable and the characters are likeable in a Zed kinda way, there is a bit of gore, but all in context and not really abused, all in all an enjoyable Zed flick, there is even a few scares thrown in for good measure, if you have the resources and like Zed flicks get your self a copy.

Sunday, August 22, 2010


Hi all, so what have I been up to this week ? well I have been working on a few different things, a group of gang banger survivors, stage 2 of Small Town USA, the County sheriff and his vehicle and some more street accessories, so, first items finished are the street accessories, three Bin skips, two small ones and a large one, these I plan to fill up with junk, just another place for the survivors to hide in and around, then I finished off a couple of park benches which should work well with the stage two parkland, and finally I have some LPG gas bottles, these items I'm sure will be in high demand, because when you shoot these little suckers they go BANG! more items real soon.

Saturday, August 7, 2010


It wasn't that long ago that I looked at the streets of Small Town USA and thought that they looked bare and empty, what would the survivors of this Zombie outbreak going to hide behind ? how would they move from point A to point B without being seen ? so I stepped out my front door, onto the street and had a bit of a look around, I tried to imagine what I would use as cover, from here I went back home and jumped online and began ordering my street accessories, one week later they turned up at my work place.

Scenemaster are the makers of these fine street accessories, I bought a couple of packs, 'just in case', they are nicely detailed and handpainted (nice paint job), you get a pair of mail boxes, telephone boxes, dust bins and four fire hydrants, I purchased them in O scale to suit my 28mm miniatures, as you can see, scale wise they match up quite well, very happy with the purchase.