Tuesday, April 26, 2011


As a few of you know I will be moving house at the end of May, and having just recently joined a gaming club, storage and transport has become an issue, so I did some research and located this cool storage / transport option 'KR multi case' got this little baby from Evilbay (Ebay), its about the size of a small suitcase and it can hold 200 minitures in the 28mm scale, not bad for $27 + postage.

You get four foam trays with a foam lid for the top tray, so thats 50 miniatures per tray, four trays per case and each miniature compartment will fit a 28mm miniature snuggly, the foam is made of a soft sponge type material, soft enough to protect your minis but stiff enough to hold all your miniatures, the case itself is made off thick cardboard, same stuff as your average cardboard boxes, only difference is that this case is designed in such way that the corners look like they could take a substantial hit.

Infact! their website claims that they threw a case full of miniatures out of a moving car, and the most that happened was that the case took minimal damage to a couple of its corners, miniatures were safe and the case was still more than re-useable, not bad at all...    
I believe that you can also get different types of trays that will fit different types of miniatures, everything from more foot troop trays to cavalry and vehicle trays, I quite like this system and would happily recommend it to anyone. 

Friday, April 15, 2011


So I am still plugging away at my terrain details, after searching for a while, I finally found a chain link fence in 'O' scale that I thought was constructed well, this is from Insta fence, it didn't come with the razor wire out of the box, but that was something I added on as an after thought, this fencing will be used to fence off the back of the local bank, I think it turned out real sweet.

The other two items I acquired were a packet of witches hats (traffic cones) which I primed and sprayed 'Fluorescent Red', nothing too difficult there, and a pair of road barriers, both from the MTH range (not cheap), break them straight out of the pack and plonk them on your terrain, the barriers are real nice and authentic looking, I guess I had to have them...

Monday, April 4, 2011


So here is my next batch of zombies, these again are Cold war miniatures, (from Left to right) we have an aerobics instructor in her gym gear, looks like she received a bite to where her shoulder joins her chest, and you can clearly see how the virus has disfigured her face, right next to her there is a little girl that has multiple bite wounds, one to her left flank, another to her right thigh and a couple of bites to the back of her thighs... very nasty.

The other two zombies in the top picture are both males, (again from left to right) a nerdy male in jeans and a t-shirt, he has a bite wound to his lower right abdomen, the other male appears to be some kind of a construction worker complete with a hard hat, he has a wound to his right knee, it kinda looks like his knee has been mauled....knee reco needed please !  

Again I went with the toned down gore and tried to give them a pale sick / flu like appearance with whatever wounds they have been sculptored with, overall they are nice miniatures and pretty easy to paint, so, the big thumbs up for Cold War Miniatures.