Wednesday, December 22, 2010


First of all let me wish everyone a Merry Christmas, I hope your holidays are going well thus far,
My latest additions to the 'survivor' catergory are a couple of Carjacking thugs, these guys are already use to the rigors of a hard life, and were kind of prepared for the zombie apocalypse (if that were possible), the first guy on the left is wearing a brown jacket, jeans, t-shirt and joggers, he is armed with a crude sawn off double barrel shotgun, his accomplice on the other hand is wearing a beanie, his daddy's army jacket, tee shirt, jeans and joggers, he is armed with a 9mm glock pistol, both are sporting some nice 'bling'

Both of these miniatures are from the Bobby Jackson range of 'Thugz' I got these from Fantization Miniatures, it took them 6 months to send them to me but hey, I got them in the end didn't I ? this range along with my US National guard are my favorite miniatures I have painted to date. These miniatures are great, plenty of character and attitude, Bobby Jackson really managed to capture the right poses that typically represent the african american street ganger, if your into gangers then this is the range you 'must' get, HAPPY HOLIDAYS !

Saturday, December 18, 2010


I painted this mini up a while ago, I was trying to organise a vehicle for him but too many things have gotten in the way, so I decided to post him up, the vehicle will come later, as most of you will probably recognise him, he is a Hasslefree miniature, and I have painted him up as a sheriff, armed with a pump action shotgun and a 9mm pistol in the holster.

I believe the miniature's Hasslefree name is Ken ? but to me he has a real Vin Diesel feel about him, a nicely sculpted miniature with nice detail and a little prep work involved as the arms and gun come seperate to the rest of the torso, overall a great miniature, and lets face it, a cop with a shot gun, thats a classic party member to have in a Zombie Apocalypse, right?

Tuesday, December 14, 2010


I'm always a little unsure as to whether to include child like miniatures in games, especially if the games involve violence, somehow it feels wrong, this is something I would be interested in hearing the opinions of my fellow gamers, are you for or against this and why, I decided in the end that it is in context of the setting and reflects something that may actually happen (assuming a zed apoc would ever happen), violence in context I dont have a problem with, as long as it isn't violence for the sake of violence, I am looking forward to your opinions on this matter.

So these two miniatures are Comfy Chair miniatures from there orphan range, a couple of young kids with a strong will to survive, the male has multiple weapons, a dagger of sorts and a pair of scissors, while the female hides a dagger behind her back for the surprise attack, both miniatures are well sculptored, a little manga in style, and a little plain in there design but real nice overall, minimal prep work and easy to paint.

These miniatures I will probably use in a random encounter situation, or if players want to use them I guess they can, but I dare say they would be at a disadvantage, being kids with melee weapons, or they may also be mission objectives, who knows we will see.

Thursday, December 9, 2010


The other night I had little to no motivation for anything miniature (due to a busy day at work) so I decided to throw on my Blu Ray copy of Dawn of the Dead (2004 Remake), now there probably isnt many of you out there that haven't seen this movie, Right ? But I thought I would post on it because this movie would have to be another one of my top five zombie flicks, so basically the movie follows a young nurse through the outbreak of a Zombie apocalypse, firstly on her own and then with a group of survivors that she joins up with, the group eventually barricade themselves in a mall, and towards the end of the movie they attempt an escape to the seaside in an effort to grab theselves a boat and get off the mainland, their thinking being no land no zombies. 
The movie was well acted with good effects and directed by Zach snyder (300), the stand out moment for me was when they were sniper shooting zombie celebrities from the mall roof in the zombie crowd down below, great moment funny as.
This is the second of my five favorite zombie flicks, the first being Day of the Dead (2008), as I watch them again I will review them and post them up here, let me know what you think if you have seen this movie.