Thursday, July 29, 2010


Stage one is now finished, what a marathon that was hehehe, I ran into so many problems, bad colours, other colours not looking 'right', shading issues, the list goes on, but its all done, well at least stage one is, what a sense of satisfaction you get... well the photo was taken with the terrain set out on carpet, not the best place to do it, with certain parts not aligning and some of the lines not matching up, but hopefully you get the idea and you can start to see Small Town USA form up, even if it is slowly.

So where to now ? onto stage 2, the next piece of terrain I am going to tackle is the centre area which will be the local town's central parkland, grass, trees and park benches, this I'm sure will be full of challenges as I have never made any terrain with grass, let alone trees and parkbenchs, should be fun-ish lol.  

Sunday, July 25, 2010


So, I have been very busy lately, unfortunely not always doing the things that I want to be doing, But what I have managed to fit in this week has been fun and interesting, firstly I continued to shade and weather my roads and pavements system for Small Town USA, unfortunately for me this is quite a monotonous task, so its taking longer than it should, but, theres not that far to go now. 

I also managed to find some time to paint up another survivor, this guy is a local biker who has managed to get caught up in this Zombie Apocalypse, He is probably a friend of survivor #1 and is packing a Remington pump action shotgun, another poor sod to throw into the zombie killing machine.

I have also made some progress on a County sheriff along with his SUV, I will post him up real soon, But what has taken up most of my time is a new project invoving, the creation of a line of miniatures that I have wanted to see in existence for a long time, I will post on this soon aswell, very exciting stuff !

I want to make a couple more posts before the month is up, so stay tuned for a few quickies !

Sunday, July 11, 2010


Hi all again, I'm still working on my 'Roads and Pavements' for Small Town USA and I am at the final stages of it,  while going throught the process I had to change colours as the original colours used had a strong blue hue running through them, which made the roads and pavements look unusual, so I went back to a more realistic tone, the roads and pavements should be finished by next weekend, its been real interesting painting wood, it reacts differently to how lead does, you have to use different painting techniques, anyway, so while I'm finishing off stage 1 of my Zombie terrain I painted up the first of many survivors, this guy may end up being either a Biker gang member or a Gun shop owner, but to be perfectly honest this mini reminds me of Paul Teutul Senior from American Chopper, am I right or what ? 

Sawn off pump action shotgun, not a bad choice of weapons, up close its lethal, believe me !