Thursday, January 29, 2015


I picked up a couple of things while I was at Cancon, not much of a haul, but like I said the inspiration just wasn't there, anyway, as you can see I picked up the rule set Lion Rampant, have only heard good things thus far, so I look forward to trying this rule set out in the future, also picked up a few paint pots from Vallejo for an upcoming project, there is also a 15mm Ogre for my D&D project, which will feature in the next few posts, my D&D project that is, and finally also did a bit of an impulse buy, a 15mm mythological Hydra which marks the start of a new project based in Greek mythology, I am particularly excited about that project because I am of Greek descent, and have grown up reading the myths, I have already ordered some Greek hoplites from Xyston Miniatures who are the bees knees for all things ancient in 15mm, will post more on these items as I complete them.

Wednesday, January 28, 2015


So Cancon came around again this year (what a great way to start the year), it always occurs on the Australia Day Weekend 24-26th, my brother and I made the trip from Melbourne to Canberra via hire car and stayed at a local hotel, the weather was awesome 30 degree days for all the days we were there, cant really ask for more than that, of course I took some pics so that you all could experience it as well, enjoy.

Area for painting

Not Sure who this dude is??

There was lots of Bloodbowl action

Some strange Samurai game

Flames of War terrain

Drop Zone Commander paper terrain

Drop Zone Commander resin terrain

More Flames of War Terrain


I have got to say I was a little disapointed this time around the show felt very unorganized, with a lot of areas merged with little to no signage, to tell the different areas apart, they had a tornaments area with some participation games tagged onto the end and they had more participation games blotched through out adjoined to some of the sellers area, there also didn't seem like there were much in the way of participation games, with a lot of the big titles missing.... no Saga (Cross and Cres), no Skirmish Sangin etc... There was only one canteen in operation which meant that it took 10mins at least to get anything to eat or drink, Overall it seems to me that the crowds grew but the show didn't, I sure hope there are improvements made, I did still enjoy it, but changes are needed.

Friday, January 16, 2015


As stated in my previous post, this time around I have more Wild West cowboys, but this time they are sculpted in the likeness of known characters, some fictional characters but others are based on real life legends of the Old West, going from left to right, Calamity Jane, Wild Bill Hickok, The Man with No Name and Billy the kid, did anyone recognize any of them before I listed them?

Calamity Jane, Real name was Martha Jane Canary, she was mostly known for her association with Wild Bill Hickok and for her unusual Job as a professional Scout for the Military, there is a lot of controversy as to how she acquired her nickname and her alleged obsession with Wild Bill, truth or lie the one thing we know for sure is that she was and is a Wild West Legend.

' Wild Bill' Hickok, Real name was James Butler Hickok, Lawman, Gunfighter and Gambler, his gun skills and reputation as a lawman helped to create the Legend of 'Wild Bill', His exploits are to many to mention here but they include but are not limited to, fighting for and spying for the Union Army during the American Civil War, Army Scout and marksman in General Custers's 7th Cavalry, Failed actor and a Lawman in some of the most lawless US Territories of the time, Wild Bill was involved in many notable Shootouts, and it was a well known fact that his reputation alone was enough to diffuse a drunk angry man and if that didn't work he usually would end up shooting them.   

The Man With No Name, this is a fictional character played by actor Clint Eastwood in director Sergio Leonie's spaghetti western movies, the character portrays an Old West Bounty Killer (Bounty Hunter) cool, calm and collected who during the course of the three movies gets up to a whole lot of shooting, these movies are a must see.

Billy The Kid, Real name was William H Bonney, Made a name for himself as a Wild West Outlaw, possessing good skill with firearms, it is said that he killed more than twenty people, claiming his first kill as a gunman at the age of just 17yrs, this is one angry young man.

Saturday, January 3, 2015


I hope everyone had a great break over the holidays and I am hoping everyone has a safe and prosperous New Year 2015 filled full of hobby related fun.*raises a beer in the air*

As you all know I haven't done much on the blog for about a year or so, which of course doesn't mean that I haven't been busy painting and terrain making, so I guess I am saying that I'm back and eager to get stuck back into the blogging side of things this year.

I think in Feb of 2014 I got the Wild West bug back again and painted another ten or so Wild West miniatures and did some work on a Wild West town, three of which I have on display for you today, the first two guys going left to right will be another two Pinkerton guys specializing in the field of personnel protection, being hired as body guards for a Saloon owner or maybe a town banker, the last guy on the right is the first of many town folk who will inhabit my slowly growing but small Wild West town, which can be seen in the back ground, more on the town in another post.

That is it for this time around, coming up next I have Old West Celebrities.