Wednesday, January 28, 2015


So Cancon came around again this year (what a great way to start the year), it always occurs on the Australia Day Weekend 24-26th, my brother and I made the trip from Melbourne to Canberra via hire car and stayed at a local hotel, the weather was awesome 30 degree days for all the days we were there, cant really ask for more than that, of course I took some pics so that you all could experience it as well, enjoy.

Area for painting

Not Sure who this dude is??

There was lots of Bloodbowl action

Some strange Samurai game

Flames of War terrain

Drop Zone Commander paper terrain

Drop Zone Commander resin terrain

More Flames of War Terrain


I have got to say I was a little disapointed this time around the show felt very unorganized, with a lot of areas merged with little to no signage, to tell the different areas apart, they had a tornaments area with some participation games tagged onto the end and they had more participation games blotched through out adjoined to some of the sellers area, there also didn't seem like there were much in the way of participation games, with a lot of the big titles missing.... no Saga (Cross and Cres), no Skirmish Sangin etc... There was only one canteen in operation which meant that it took 10mins at least to get anything to eat or drink, Overall it seems to me that the crowds grew but the show didn't, I sure hope there are improvements made, I did still enjoy it, but changes are needed.


Phil said...

Sounds grea, beautiful tables!

Clint said...

Nice to see shows from across the globe. But funny how wargamers all look the same no matter where you go!

Thanks for sharing.

Paul O'G said...

As a Canberran, I enjoy going every year and always have a blast. Sorry that I missed it this year but living on the other side of the world temporally will do that!

Glad you had a great time and hopefully we can meet up at CanCon in the future!

Zabadak said...

Despite your reservations about the event it still sounded like you had some fun and there was a lot of eye-candy.

Simon Quinton said...

Great looking tables. I think the unknown dude is from Mercs. I think some shows can just be like that. I've only been to a few and some seem laid out better than others.

The Extraordinarii said...

@Phil - cheers mate
@Clint - Too right about gamers looking the same where ever you go, i have noticed that.
@Paul - Always up for meeting other gamers Paul, maybe sometime in the future.
@Zabadak - Yeah i did have fun, but i still hope the show grows somewhat.
@Simon - I think your right Simon, some are better than others, the dude is from MERCS you think? OK, didn't know that.

Shelldrake said...

I am always envious of those making it to CanCon - I have always wanted to go, but always get caught up with 21 gun salutes instead.