Thursday, February 25, 2010


Hi everyone, the barbarians have finally arrived, these lads are a couple of Germanics who were caught while on a 'Over the border skirmish raid' and have been subsequently sent to Rome to spend the rest of there days entertaining the 'Mob', they will form part of German themed team.

The chap with the dark hair is fighting in the native way, shield and spear and well 'El Natural'(no clothing), while blondie is sporting a shield and hand axe.

The Gauls are also here, but they are awaiting some colour, I believe they will be next with maybe one more German.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010


This week we have a couple of Free Roman citizens who have decided that the Fame and Fortune of the Gladiator lifestyle is what they want to pursue, they are fighting in the velite style, that is, a Javelin and a back up sword (gladius), they have opted for little to no armour, prefering there mobility.(You have to be a Roman to think that way to begin with .)

They are also sporting the latest in Gladiator fashion, stripes and colours are in apparently.

Thursday, February 11, 2010


Hi all, I must apologize for my unforseen break, I just had to deal with some personal stuff, now that it is behind me, onto the good stuff, Next on the agenda for the Roman side of things is Pompey himself and his very own personal guard, this guard consists of a group of very highly respected Evocarti, these are Veterans who have finished there tour of duty and have returned to personally serve Pompey himself, we cant dismiss the fact that they are being generously rewarded in pay and in status.

Im not going onto these guys straight away, but will get around to it soon, I want to get back onto Gladiators, as I see the end of the tunnel getting closer, besides this I am hanging out to have a Gladiatorial match.