Friday, April 30, 2010


This is a car that was pink with white strips before I pulled it apart and stripped it down to raw diecast metal, after that I proceeded to respray it and weather the chrome shiny bits to give it a more realistic feel, this will be one of the cars I will use in my zombie games as either a suburban prop, getaway car or in a campaign it will be a car that somebody owns, I think the matt black paint job looks cool, when I paint up a civilian or two I will repost it with the civs for a scale comparison, this is the American muscle car equivilent to Mad Max's Aussie muscle car 1973 Ford Falcon XB coupe Supercharged... we dont need another hero !

Sunday, April 25, 2010


Well, here they are 'The Infected' ... Brains!, there will be about thirty of them to paint, I decided that I will have a combination of slow lumbering zombies and fast moving ones, just to add some fear and randomness, Hahaha, so I've got Two Hour war games sending me there rule set, and have some military squads to paint up as well as some innocent civillians and zombie hunters, then I need some quite US country town (Maine) as my  terrain board, might have to resort too purchasing some plasticville buildings and weather them up a bit, yes I will do this.

Friday, April 23, 2010


So, I've always found the whole Zombie genre quite amusing, and have recently been thinking it would be quite a fun type of game to do as far as table top miniatures goes, there you are armed to the teeth with your mates who are also armed to the teeth, and coming at you is a horde of Zeds(zombies), what do you do ? run ? pussy...  I knew thats what you were thinking, NO, you stand your ground and drop as many of the suckers as you can before you have to hall ass..... hahaha love it. Now just to clarify I'm not really into the supernatural type zombies but more into the sci fi zombies you know the ones? where a virus gets into the blood stream and sends people wacko, more like your 28 days later and Resident evil type of zombies, the fast moving ones, I'm really looking forward to gaming this genre, it should be a lot of fun, I've gone out and purcahsed three or four different military squads, and a small horde of Zeds, all I need now is some survivors and Zombie hunters, hehehe Getsome !

Tuesday, April 20, 2010


Hi all ... after a welcomed break I'm back at it again, so I think a summary is in order:

Gladiator project
30 Gladiators - 60% completed, minis purchased
10 animals - 0 % complete, minis purchased
Gladiator arena - 50 % designed but will be outsourced.
Gladiator rule set - 75% completed

Roman civil war Project - 1 % completed, Really not started,
2 leadership squads - purchased
8 cohorts - purchased
2 lots of Cavalry - nothing
2 lots of skirmishes - purchased

Two New Projects
Now for the meantime I have started a couple new projects:
1) Steve Jackson's Car Wars - More on this later
2) All things Zombie - More on this later also.