Friday, May 24, 2013


And so begins the process of Building my Wild West Town in 15/18mm, I don't know what this building does to contribute to this town but if you forced me to make something up, I would probably say that it will end up being a drug store, I have already organised signage but I haven't made a final decision just yet, this building is probably one of the smaller buildings that I will put together, it is one of about ten buildings that will make up my wild west town.

This is a DIY kit and a very detailed one at that, lots of little bits and pieces, with a lot of them needing painting prior to being put together, this made it very difficult, I made a lot of mistakes building this one, but I believe I have found a process which should make the next build faster and with a lot less mistakes, I hope you enjoy, there are more coming.

Saturday, May 18, 2013



I finally finished my first outlaw gang for my Wild West Project, fellow Blogger Zabadak, cleverly refered to them as 'Los Panuelos Rojos' loosely translated as 'The Red Neckerchiefs'  I kinda liked the name and so it has stuck, they number 9 in total and have a mix of weapons, sawn off shotgun, six shooters and a couple of rifles, the local lawmen had better watch out...

The only other miniatures I added to the group are the two in the foreground, the leader of the 'Los Panuelos Rojos' and one of his underlings, take note that the leader Carrys twin ivory handled pistolas, has a bit of a gut, but is still a lowdown good for nuthin son of a la perra, even though the group kinda looks the same, this was done on purpose, I wanted them to be easily identified in battle, I think they turned out real nice, hope you like them.

Saturday, May 11, 2013


Moving forward again with my Wild West Project, I painted some more Cowboys, these guys belong to the same cowboy gang as the outlaws I painted in a previous post (Go HERE to view that post), I painted them in similar tones and colours with all of them having a red neckerchief to link them together, this brings the gangs members to a total of seven men, I want to add at least a couple more to the total which will make these guys a force to be reckoned with, they have a mix of revolvers and rifles. 

As with all my Wild West miniatures they are from Bluemoon and are 15/18mm in scale. whats up next ? I will paint up the remainder of this gang, and then I will paint up a group of bounty killers (Hunters), you may even recognise some of them, well see.

Monday, May 6, 2013


I have some more cowboys to show off today, continuing in the theme of 'Officers of the Court', I have four more frontier lawmen to show you, two Texas Rangers, a Sheriff and a Pinkerton agent, all good guys I suppose...... Right ?   

So, Texas Rangers, these guys were Officers of the court, who had a state wide Jurisdiction in Texas, they performed duties such as murder investigation, political corruption, the tracking down of fugitives, and various other duties, the Texas Rangers are one of the oldest law enforcement agencies in the United states, these miniatures will work very nicely in a scenario I have planned, these particular rangers are well dressed in their town gear.

I also have on show tonight a local sheriff, his jurisdiction is only County wide, the word sheriff comes from the old english term 'shire reeve', a designated royal official responsible for keeping the peace (a "reeve") throughout a shire or county on behalf of the king, how many of you knew that ?? cause I didn't... the sheriff is the guy with the grey hat.

Finally, I also painted a Pinkerton agent, the Pinkerton agency was a security guard and detective agency, basically official guns for hire, they did work ranging from basic detective work to presidential guard duty, the work was not always above board, surprise surprise, business men once hired them as a goon squad in an attempt to intimidate striking workers, the agency is still in existence today as private military contractors.