Saturday, September 15, 2012


So I have finally finished some terrain, in the past I have called this my Tusk Terrain, but realistically I think its better suited as a generic open field for any project that suits it, whether its a couple of Greek phalanxes facing off or a couple of Dark age warbands either way the terrain will work nicely, now design wise, the terrain has a dirt road starting from the bottom left corner making its way to the top right where it splits around a hilltop, it also has small concentrations of pine trees in opposite corners, with a few field rocks scattered around, aswell as small clumps of grass to break up the open field, this terrain shall make for a good place where a couple of armies can meet and fight man to man.


Tuesday, September 11, 2012



A while back I purchased a Woodland Scenics Rock Mould, at a first glance the mould looked nicely detailed and made of sturdy material, when I got the mould home I had a closer look and noticed that some of the moulds were quite deep, I wondered how hard it would be to get the castings out once they had set, anyway for $12.95 I thought it was a good buy, eventually I tracked down some casting plaster, found some free time and thought I would cast some meduim sized boulders for my terrain field.

So last weekend I took the time and cast some boulders, they seem to set fairly quickly but for safety's sake I left them over night as per the instructions, the next day, like a child unwrapping their christmas gift, I made my way to the garage and proceeded to pop the boulders out of the mould, the first thing I realised was just how brittle they turned out, bits breaking here and there, in the photo below you can see a boulder that broke after I had finished with it, the second thing I noticed was the deep moulded boulders took some convincing to come out and some of them came out in peices (just as I thought) overall the boulders turned out real nice, plenty of detail, with a realistic look, they are fragile but I think once you glue them down to the terrain, they should be fine.