Sunday, February 15, 2015


Made a start on my D&D project, these are the start of my player characters, this group is the Magic User/ Thief and Assassin set, Thief on the left then two Magic Users and a pair of Assassins to the far right.

So the Mages are actually a Magic User and an Illusionist, I am also currently painting up a Druid which is included as a player character in D&D 1st ED.

And finally close ups of my Assassin / Thief set, the Assassins, one is a fantasy based Assassin and the other is more oriental (think Ninja), the Thief is just a normal human thief, I am trying to find a good 15mm Halfling Thief but so far I have not found any good minis for that purpose, all minis are 15mm Splintered Light Minis except for the Ninja which is a Peter Pig mini.