Saturday, November 26, 2011


My Tusk project is coming along very well, I have taken yet another step towards the finish line, my Neanderthals are now complete (minus basing), a group of four hunters, covered in animal furs and armed with sticks and stones ! I think they turned out nice, very natural looking and a bit grubby, I tried to vary the brown tones a bit just for variety and I must admit that I am craving to paint something way more colourful, but, I am glad there done.

Again these miniatures are in 15mm and are from Archeson Creations, great sculpts with good detail, making them very easy to paint, these guys are sculpted a little bigger and broader than a man would normally be, which is correct historically, I am hoping that Richard(sculptor) will sculpt more Neanderthals, and some Cro Magnon man, there really hasn't been any new releases in 15mm since about June I think, But there is talk of some releases either at christmas or early next year! we shall see.

Saturday, November 19, 2011


Well, made an official decision the other day that Ancient Warriors (me) will be visiting Cancon 2012, Rang my brother and booked him in for the trip up to the state known for its plethora of porn and availability of fireworks (illegal in every other state), we are going to hire a comfy vehicle for the weekend and we are going to cruize up their and check this event out, plan is to bring lots of dollars for purchases, I have a particular interest in terrain materials, and we have both agreed to try some free participation games, who knows maybe a few more projects might be born out of this expedition, not that its needed. So the show will happen on the weekend of the 27 - 29th of Jan, so you can expect pics and a run down of the event.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011


Moving along with my Tusk Project, I got a package at work today which contained my fire tokens and some Litko bases for my elephant Herd (wont be reviewing the bases), the fire tokens are actually flame wreckage markers, but they will do just fine as raging grass fires in my Tusk games, they are made from transparent acrylic and just slot together for a really cool effect, I bought three small fires and three large raging bush fires, I based there sizes as per the Tusk rule set, fires markers are to be 2 1/2 cm, I also added a home mod rule that if two fires collide they will transform into one large fire (5cm wide), the fire tokens obviously come in different sizes, I also included the sabertooth tiger for scale.