Sunday, April 25, 2010


Well, here they are 'The Infected' ... Brains!, there will be about thirty of them to paint, I decided that I will have a combination of slow lumbering zombies and fast moving ones, just to add some fear and randomness, Hahaha, so I've got Two Hour war games sending me there rule set, and have some military squads to paint up as well as some innocent civillians and zombie hunters, then I need some quite US country town (Maine) as my  terrain board, might have to resort too purchasing some plasticville buildings and weather them up a bit, yes I will do this.


Consul said...

nice looking zombies. should make for an interesting game. are they quick to paint?

looking forward to the zombie hunters!


The Extraordinarii said...

Yeah, they were actually, sprayed 1coat of primer, 1 coat of flesh, then painted in bones, muscle sinews and bruising, then I finished them with a detailing wash and added highlights.