Sunday, May 2, 2010


Ok, So I ordered one bag of Zombie dogs, 100 zombie wolf wolfs,  even those dreaded Zeds need pets, the doggie Zeds  I already new were plastic( I usually only buy metal minis), which is ok, but the small critisizm that I must make is that all 100 doggie Zeds have the same static stance, and its a pretty crap stance at that, they all came with the stance that the dog has on the far left in the picture, its like your pet dog puts out his paw so you can shake it ......aww how cute, WRONG ! it wont be putting its paw out for me when I bust a cap in its infected ass.

Anyway, so I decided that something had to be done, I pulled out my conversion untensils and started to cut one leg of here and glue it over there, and so I went on until I had a few different stances which I liked, from there I whacked on some green stuff, and tried to blend in the conversions, I think they turned out ok, I've got a couple of doggies with both front feet down, another with both feet up, in a movement like stance, one normal doggie straight out of the bag, and one other with a similar stance.


Scale wise they have turned out quite good, that was one thing I was a little worried about, they have plenty of detail so I think they will paint up quite nice, this I shall do during the week.

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