Friday, January 16, 2015


As stated in my previous post, this time around I have more Wild West cowboys, but this time they are sculpted in the likeness of known characters, some fictional characters but others are based on real life legends of the Old West, going from left to right, Calamity Jane, Wild Bill Hickok, The Man with No Name and Billy the kid, did anyone recognize any of them before I listed them?

Calamity Jane, Real name was Martha Jane Canary, she was mostly known for her association with Wild Bill Hickok and for her unusual Job as a professional Scout for the Military, there is a lot of controversy as to how she acquired her nickname and her alleged obsession with Wild Bill, truth or lie the one thing we know for sure is that she was and is a Wild West Legend.

' Wild Bill' Hickok, Real name was James Butler Hickok, Lawman, Gunfighter and Gambler, his gun skills and reputation as a lawman helped to create the Legend of 'Wild Bill', His exploits are to many to mention here but they include but are not limited to, fighting for and spying for the Union Army during the American Civil War, Army Scout and marksman in General Custers's 7th Cavalry, Failed actor and a Lawman in some of the most lawless US Territories of the time, Wild Bill was involved in many notable Shootouts, and it was a well known fact that his reputation alone was enough to diffuse a drunk angry man and if that didn't work he usually would end up shooting them.   

The Man With No Name, this is a fictional character played by actor Clint Eastwood in director Sergio Leonie's spaghetti western movies, the character portrays an Old West Bounty Killer (Bounty Hunter) cool, calm and collected who during the course of the three movies gets up to a whole lot of shooting, these movies are a must see.

Billy The Kid, Real name was William H Bonney, Made a name for himself as a Wild West Outlaw, possessing good skill with firearms, it is said that he killed more than twenty people, claiming his first kill as a gunman at the age of just 17yrs, this is one angry young man.


Phil said...

Nice looking cow boys!

DeanM said...

Nice gunslingers - the 'Man with no name" is immediately recognizable!

Ray Rousell said...

Great looking Gunslingers!

The Extraordinarii said...

@Phil -Thanks Phil.
@DeanM -Yes, Everyone knows the man with no name!
@Ray -Thanks Ray.

Simon Quinton said...

These are ace mate. Nice job!

The Extraordinarii said...

Cheers Simon

Paul O'G said...

I have a bunch of 15mm Cowboys - Peter Pig I think, new in packets - and untouched in years. Yours if you want them.

The Extraordinarii said...

@Paul - Thanks man, I have them also, they are just too small to put near bluemoon stuff

MattV said...

I swear you are my long lost brother. I am into pretty much everything you do and work on the same projects. Car Wars, 15mm Fantasy figs, Blue Moon Wild West.

I'm just back to posting again. Not too much. I hope you keep with it again.

How did the Car Wars roads come out?


My new blog.

MattV said...

Also. Let me know if you find any good Wild West rules. What I've seen hasn't gelled with me. Funny, I use to play a bunch of Boothill.