Thursday, December 22, 2011


"Tear him to shreds boys!"

So I did some more Tusk related minis, this time a pair of 15mm Neanderthal raised wild dogs / wolves, the Tusk rule set allows the player to use dogs as hunting party members, the dogs in game have an ability to help direct the hunted Wolly Mammoths, and can generally harass and aggrivate them, which has its uses, unless of course the dogs get trampled !

I originally bought a pair of hunting hounds from SLM (splintered light minis), on arrival these turned out to be a little oversized, so I threw them on the obsolete minis pile (sadly, this is getting big !) and I did a little research which ended up yeilding me these little beauties, a pair of SLM Wolves, these size wise turned out just right.

I really liked how the low growling wolf turned out, the way it was sculpted and its overall pose, heaps of character, so I might actually order some more and use them as a predatory wolf pack, well see, thats all for now.


Shelldrake said...

great detail on the dogs - I wish I could paint dogs up like that!

The Angry Lurker said...

I like them and how you painted them, good work as always.

Simon Quinton said...

They look great and they are 15mm

Merry Christmas and A Happy New year

The Extraordinarii said...

@Shelldrake - you CAN mate, you just need the right paintbrush, a quality paint, good washes and a little patience.

@Angry - thanks Angry as always.

@Brummie - Thanks and yes they are 15mm, have a safe Chrissy and New Year Brummie.