Friday, December 30, 2011


I am now attempting to finish my Tusk project stuff, my latest offering is another Prehistoric predator, a Terror Bird, or Phorusrhacids as its known in the Archaeological world, this beast was basically a terrifying large flightless bird, that could run like hell, reaching speeds of up to 48 km\h, its believed that this beast stood around 9ft tall, and was the dominant predator of the grassy plains until the arrival of the Saber Tooth Tiger, which is believed to be one of the causes of its extinction, at nine feet tall brothers that's a lot of Chickennnnn !

So again, this is a 15mm miniature, this time from Splintered Light Miniatures a great little sculpt, with plenty of detail, I found this difficult to paint for some reason, took me ages, at first I had this mini painted all white, I looked at it and thought this looks like a big chicken! so I added some colour to its body and now it looks like a large seagull ! Ahh well, this will have to do, its good enough.

So as far as my Tusk project goes, there is not much left to do, I have already started the terrain, I also have one wolf pack to paint and the remaining four Elephants to make my Woolly Mammoth Herd.


Shelldrake said...

these figures really do look good.

I always have to do a double take to check that they really are 15mm.

Кирилл said...

Wonderful bird! :)

shintokamikaze said...

nice,i watched a doc on tv last week about this guy. where can i get the tusk rules?? and can it be played solo??

shintokamikaze said...

its ok i got them, great set, and dino battles to, they have great dinos in my local toy shop i will pick one up to day. i think i could use uriki beserkers in this game lol

Simon Quinton said...

These are fab for the size very nicely painted to

The Extraordinarii said...

@Shelldrake - Thanks mate, 15mm sculpts these days really are good.

@BlioRay - Thank You.

@Shinto - Glad you found the ruleset and yes they read like they would be fun.

@brummie - Thanks Brummie.

Simon Quinton said...

Hiya buddy hope you are ok.

How big are these birds? I'm thinking of getting some to use a mounts for goblins but can't work out how big they are?