Friday, December 30, 2011

2012 WHATS NEXT ?!

        What could it be ?

Well, let me begin by looking at what I have achieved in 2011, the first part of the year, Jan, Feb had me continue on with my Zombie Apoc Project buying and assembling terrain pieces for my terrain which I named 'Small Town USA', in March and April I started painting Zombies and acquired more terrain pieces, in May I started a Wild West Project but was interrupted by my House purchase / move and unfortunately I never got back to that project in 2011, June - July I spent my time moving and setting up my new house, August I jumped straight back into it, I allocated some gaming space in the garage and even set up a gaming table ! then I got back to painting more zombies and survivors, by this stage I was a little Zombie burnt out, after having worked on my Zombie Apoc Project from May 2010 to August 2011, that's more than one year on one project, that's a lot for me! after realising this, I decided that I needed to work on something fresh, so I added a couple more projects, a Fantasy project and a Prehistoric project, the Prehistoric project ended up being my main focus for the rest of the year.

Terrain detailing pieces 24

Zombies 12
Survivors 9
US Cavalry 10
Animals 13
Neanderthals 4
Total miniatures 48

All in all not a bad year for me I painted about the same amount of miniatures as last year but across a couple of extra projects, I'm six posts down from last year but I did miss a couple of months while moving, its been a fun year and I have quite enjoyed the hobby side of things, heres hoping for a more fruitful one this coming year. 

Next years project

So what about next year? I am hoping to continue on with my current projects and maybe even finish some of them, now wouldn't that be something... but aside from trying to focus on 'finishing projects' at the top of the list for next year is the Dark ages, I will be concentrating on the early part on this time period about 400 - 500AD, Roman rule has just been withdrawn/ collapsed and the Saxons, Irish/Scots and the feared Picts are starting to make incursions into the south of Briton, theres no one left to hold them back except the Romano - Brits, did some one say Arthur ?

NOTE: I have officially shelved the WW2 Eastern Front project due to a large inconsistency of figure sizes, and crappy fragile resin vehicles, I will rethink this one maybe mid year, curses!

Oh and I forgot too say...

 HAPPY NEW YEAR !!!        to all my followers and fellow bloggers !!!


Shelldrake said...

The top photos - either a wicker man, or gigantor the space age robot ;-)

Lord Siwoc said...

And we look forward to the next year with you mate

Simon Quinton said...

Some interesting stuff in the pics. I'm looking forward to what your showing us in 2012

Vampifan said...

Best of luck with whatever you plan on doing in 2012.

The Extraordinarii said...

@ Shelldrake - Yep you guessed it .....A wickerman Muhahaha (evil laughter)

@Lord Siwoc - Thanks, I also look forward to what you have in store for us.

@brummie - Thanks Brummie, heres me hoping I can stay focused.

@Vampifan - Thanks Dude.

BragonDorn said...

The zombies stand no chance in hell!

The Angry Lurker said...

Have a good productive year my friend.......

The Extraordinarii said...

@Angry - Thanks Lurker might try and up the output this year !... well see.

@Bragondorn - Thats Right !!! NO CHANCE !