Wednesday, October 20, 2010


So here is survivor #5 - Leroy Brown and his faithful zombie killing pup, he is an Obelisk miniature, again, the miniature is full of character and its wonderfully sculpted, probably not anatomically correct but still an awesome miniature, there was minimal prep work involved as the cast was a little rough in the wrong places, it required some filing to get that smooth surface look, other than that no problems, with Leroy I decided to use him as a test subject for when my National guard turn up, so I practiced painting some Camo pattern on his pants, I think I did a statisfactory job on him, and it wasn't anywhere near as hard as what I thought it would be.

The Doberman is also an Obelisk miniature, nicely sculpted, the only problem I had with it was that its ears, to me, seemed a little weirdly sculpted, so I ended up filing and slightly reshaping them, small problem,  minimal work, other than that the Doberman looks great and has a real presence.


Whiteface said...

QUOTE: "so I practiced painting some Camo pattern on his pants, I think I did a satisfactory job on him"

This is an understatement. The camo pattern was the first thing I noticed. Good pattern, good choice of colours. It's perfect.

Whiteface / Oliver

The Extraordinarii said...

Oh... thanks mate, I apreciate the comment, I still did it a little wrong, actual camo patterns are more strectched where as I did them more on the blobby side, but still works, I will perfect the pattern when the national guard turns up :)

Ironmonk said...

Awesome figures! I really like the camo pattern. Good work!

LTL Dad said...

I like it! The dog makes for some cool character.
I see your table is looking really nice there in the background as well.

colinmnash said...

Very good camo pattern I think! And love the Doberman!

Not come across Obelisk before - have to look them up now!

The Extraordinarii said...

Thanks guys for the great comments, sorry for the slow response, I've been away on holidays, but I am back now.

@LtL Dad, I agree I think the Doberman will become a bit of a character, scenery is coming along well, but have decided to make some changes, I will post on this soon
@cmnash, Obelisk are a good company, good communication and fast shipping I'm based in australia they are in europe, got my stuff within the week, thats good service!