Thursday, December 17, 2009


This is the first of my Gladiator teams - Legio Condemnare (The Condemned Legion), The idea behind these guys is that they are all ex - military, either deserters or legionaries that some senator took a disliking too and managed to get condemned to the arenas of the Roman Empire, simply put, they were shafted big time ! in the picture above from left to right, the first Legionary is fighting in the Velite style, one pilum and a sword but no shield, the second legionary is fighting in the legions traditional style sword and shield but no pilum, and the third legionary is fighting in the dimachaerius style (dual swords). As mentioned last post there will only be four to five Gladiator teams, for when I get enough people to play a multi player arena combat event or if I ever do a Gladiator type campaign, either way it will be lots of fun, now as far as the other teams go, I'm thinking along the lines of :

  1. Team Legio condemnare - Completed
  2. Barbarian team Germans - Part Completed
  3. Hellenic Team (Greek) - On Order
  4. Team Champions of Rome - Completed
  5. Celtic Team Gauls - Arrived

Next week I should have the Emperors team finished ... I'll see you then.


Consul said...

A Gladiator campaign is certainly an interesting concept. I will certainly keep an eye on the blog for more updates!

Great paint work and I like the converted dimachaerius legionary!

(Apologies for the number of comments I've left today!)


The Extraordinarii said...

Thanks for the kind comment man, everything is coming together slowly and i look forward to some crazy matches in the arena, which I will post on after the fact.