Sunday, December 13, 2009


Hi all, this week was mostly spent doing some conversion work and reviewing my Gladiatorial rule set (will speak more on the rule set on a later post), one evening while I was reviewing one of the many Gladiator rule sets that I have, I noticed that on one rule set they make an allowance for an unusual Gladiator class, a Roman Legionary deserter, now I thought to myself wow wouldn't that be cool to replicate in a miniature !? so I jumped on my horse and went about converting an existing Foundry Caesarian mini into a Roman deserter, as a matter of fact while the conversion process was going on I ended up visiting a fellow bloggers site where I happened onto another idea, he was painting up Gladiator teams, in colour themes, which I thought was cool, so I decided to merge the two ideas - make a team of Legionary deserters !, in addition to that I would have other teams based on different themes, I decided to have teams made up of three Gladiators, and to start with there will only be four or five teams for now, starting with the Roman deserters, which I ended up calling 'Legio Condemnare' Latin for the Condemned Legion, I have nothing to show this week but will work on them for you to see next week, other conversion work included a couple of tridents and the replacement of a badly moulded sword blade.

Anyway for the meantime I took a group shot of all my gladiator troope, I am about halfway through my painting quota for gladiators, I still have about 14 Gladiators and the teams to paint up, and then its onto the Gladiatorial wildlife, fun fun, see you all in a week.


Unknown said...

I want the miniatures of this image.

Is this miniature made of the anufacturer?
Could you teach the brand name of this miniature?
Could you teach URL of the sales site?

Sorry to trouble you, but when the above-mentioned is answered, I am glad.

The Extraordinarii said...

The Miniatures in this pic are Foundry miniatures, Crusader miniatures and Blacktree design, if you google the names they will come up easily.

Unknown said...

Thank you for kindly giving information.
I was able to look for a target miniature safely.
We wish sincerely to express our gratitude.

By the way, does the miniature of suitable good [i] gladiator made of plastic from 28 to about 30mm exist?
When the manufacturer name, the brand name, and the site are taught if it knows, I am glad.

The Extraordinarii said...

A manufacturer may exist that does them in plastic but I wouldn't know, I only paint metal, and I don't like painting plastic, thanks for your enquiry.

Unknown said...

Thanks for getting back to me.

I learnt the existence of the miniature of a wonderful gladiator thanks to you.

I will visit this blog in the future.