Monday, November 9, 2009


Well this is the first post, I decided that I wanted to blog after reading and following many other blogs and was especially inspired by a couple of blogs that centred around the time period that I have been interested in, "The Iron Mitten" and the "The BigRedBatCave", if you haven't seen these blogs you gotta check them out .... you can find the links to these sites to the right of this post in the 'my blog list' section, so very cool.
So, This blog will cover areas such as wargames rules, the painting of miniatures, played out scenarios and all things historical, I have a few projects on the go that I am making my way through, the first one started was my Gladiator Project, this is one big ass project, and quite ambitious for a beginner like myself, but i will speak more about this in detail later, and from there I have also started painting Pompeian and Caesarian Legions, to help keep the interest fresh, all these Romans are foundry minis. I hope to blog on a weekly basis, fingers crossed, thats me done for this week.


Andrey said...

Successful undertaking!

The Extraordinarii said...

Ah thank you ... not sure how you found me, but you are my first audience !! welcome and I hope you come back and visit again.

Consul said...

Iron Mitten was the reason I first got into gaming earlier in the year!

May I make a suggestion? Perhaps you should change the comment system to full page comments, then we can select to receive email notifications when someone replies to our comments.


The Extraordinarii said...

Thanks for the tip Consul, never knew that one, iron mitten was one of the reasons for me aswell, he does such a good job.

gabriellap said...

hey thanks dearly for your comment on my blog thanks your the first!!! please keep coming to comment and i will do the best i can to do the same for you! you just made my day...hehe!