Saturday, November 21, 2009


This was and still is my first project, back in july '09 I posted up my first batch of gladiators on the WAB forum, if your interested in checking these photos out click on the link below.

Photos are a little big, but hey first post no big deal.

since then I added a few more projects (Roman and wild west projects), just to keep me from going stale working on the same old thing, but having said that I painted another gladiator the other night, I think he turned out well.

so again the other night, I got an idea to paint up a group of gladiators that would be labeled 'The Emperors Champions' Gladiators that are bigger, better, bader (is that a word ? lol !), and faster than the rest, so I sifted through all my Gladiators and picked out Physically the biggest and best armoured minis that I had, these will become the Champions of Rome ! , I prepped them up and primed them I should have them done by the time I post another Gladiator update, but, below are a few primed and ready to paint Gladiators.

Next week - The Champions of Rome, see you then.


freaky fre said...

I see you have a mixture of foundry and crusader minis. the foundry ones are expensive, six for 17,5 euro! foundry has released also roman nobles and slaves that you can use for your project.
You use a white primer to start, try a black wash and you will see what I mean.(great tip believe me)
afther that I choose a team color. red, yellow or green. whatever you like!
Next step the the flesh color.

For the helmets and all the metal parts I use washes of antique bronze with highlights of mitril silver. details are painted after these first stages. That's how I do it.
greatings fré :)

The Extraordinarii said...

Thanks fre, Yes I do have Crusader and Foundry miniatures but I also have one or two BTD (blacktree design) minis, on my recent purchase I was sent a colour brouchure of there latest release slaves and nobles, they look good, your painting process is pretty much how I do it aswell, except I dont use a black primer, does it really make that much difference ?