Saturday, November 14, 2009


So, what does the Ancient Warrior have in store for us ? did I hear you say?
ok, here goes:
Immediate projects
  1. Gladiators of Rome - Approx 30 Gladiators, 1 Gladiator school(terrain), 1 Arena skirmish ruleset
  2. Legions of Rome - Two small Roman armies, Pompeian Legions vs Caesarian Legions, 4 cohorts each, 1 group of skirmishers each, 1 group of cavalry each and 1 ancient artillery battery each

Medium term projects

  1. Bronze Age chariot wars - Israelite army (maybe), Chariot squadron (w/- chariot runners), Skirmishers, Archers, Band of infantry, Ark of the covenant, Levites, protectors of the Ark
  2. Wild West project (really small skirmish project), Mexicans, three tribes of Indians, Lawmen, Outlaws, US Federal troops - 7th Cav etc... 1 western town (terrain).

Long term project

  1. Classical Greek army - Mixed Greek army, Sparta, Corinth, Thebes and Athens
  2. Samurai Project - Perhaps a smalll skirmish project

This should give you an idea of what you will see in the posts to come, hope you all stick with me, it will be fun.


freaky fre said...

GO for it!!! greatings frederik viaene. I like romans , gladiators an all the Ancient too. look at my blog maybe you find something.

The Extraordinarii said...

I had a look at your blog and subscribed, also - 'I like', welcome aboard mate.

Consul said...

Sounds great! I have another blog which features the progression of my Greek based armies (Spartans, Macedonians, etc) which you can find here: