Sunday, August 7, 2011


I have been getting inspired of late to start many new and different projects, which as you can understand can become a bit of a problem, this can put a massive strain on your resources and potentially cripple other ongoing projects... I bet there are a few of you out there that know what I'm talking about, Right? that's what I thought, anyway, I decided to briefly post on my new and upcoming projects, as some of you know, I already have a few projects on the go, A Gladiator project, American Indian Plains War project and my Zombie Apocalypse  project, now to these existing projects I will add another two projects, the first one being a Dungeon Crawl project using a basic D&D rule set, this will be done in 15mm, I will put together a party of about five adventurers, build a dungeon of sorts and fill it with dungeon nasties, with this project I am hoping to recapture some good old fashion 1980's dungeon adventuring, I am going to kick this one old school. 

The second project I will be adding to the lead mountain is a project based in Prehistory, a time when Cro-magnon man and Neanderthal man lived and hunted side by side, a time where man was not at the top of the food chain, a time where Woolly Mammoths roamed the northern tundra freely and where Smilodon lays hidden in the grassy plains awaiting his next unsuspecting meal, for this project I will be using the Tusk rule set, probably tweaked to the max, I own the rule set and believe that it needs a little more depth, other than that it reads like a fun and exciting game, this project will also be done in 15mm, my preferred scale, I will post more on these projects as the miniatures turn up and the terrain gets made, thats all for now, will post again soon, chau chau. 


The Angry Lurker said...

As always my friend awaiting with interest.

Consul said...

Runequest > D&D

The Extraordinarii said...

@Angry - Thanks Angry, will post stuff soon.

@Consul - Hi mate, haven't seen you around these parts for a while, hope all is well, thanks for the Runequest tip, never knew about this game, prob too wrapped up in D&D, will look into it, looks like my cup of tea.