Sunday, June 27, 2010


My spare time of late has been devoted to trying to complete my 'roads and pavements' terrain for my Zombie project, this part of it is stage 1, it will take some time to complete and I would like to show it off in a complete state, not that its much to look at right now, so while I work on that I also spent a few days developing my zombie rule set, called 'Feel The Rage', this so far is going good, of all the zombie rule sets that I have read through there really wasnt anything that I felt statisfied to use, some were too complex while others were too simple and yet others just outright unrealistic, I understand that its 'just a game' but a game is at its best when it faithfully mimics reality upto a certain point, you know what I mean right ? so, thus far I have figured out the base structure of the game, 'The Turn' the game wil be played in turns, within each turn will be phases, it is within these phases that all the action will occur, I have also figured out the in game movement for all involved, and played with the idea of a deck of action cards(for added randomness), the areas that I have not covered but will need to, are things like combat, vehicle movement, character creation, weaponary etc... as you can see there is still many areas to figure out, I will get there, little by little, bit by bit.


EinarOlafson said...

It sounds interesting. I bought loads of papermodels from World Works Games for Zombies games but never printed them. Let me know when you have finished the ruleset, please.

The Extraordinarii said...

Will do, I need to post on it again as I have completed the combat mechanics and other parts, look for a post real soon.