Saturday, June 19, 2010


'The streets of Small town USA beginning to form'

So, I have started work on my terrain piece for my Zombie gaming project, at first I had no idea where I was going to base my project, a few ideas that ran through my mind were an underground secret bunker, some random deserted  army base on the outskirts of a country town and an industrial Russian train yard (stalker-ish),  but knowing the project was going to be expensive, involving buildings and other complex terrain structures, I had to make it generic so that I could use it for other gaming genres in order to maximise its use, more bang for my buck, bearing all this in mind I decided to go with a small US town just like the ones you see in the movies, this will be generic enough to host a few other genres including but not limited to SWAT like hostage rescues, Bank robberies (Heat movie) and many others.


'The Terrain in pieces'

These terrain pieces will form the foundation of the town, the streets and sidewalks, there is still a lot to do, including houses, shops, phone booths, parklands all the buildings that would be crucial to a Zombie scenario, putting it all together took a couple of days work, but it has come up nicer than I thought it would, once I slap a bit of paint over it, it should look real sweet. the terrain came with a lot of craters, so I went throught it and putty filled most of them to give the town a more sedate feel about it, the overall size of the terrain piece will be about 6" x 5", its going good so far, more updates soon.



Consul said...

Can't wait until your next update - very exciting project you have here!


The Extraordinarii said...

Hey thanks Consul, still got a long way to go, but if I keep at it I may be gaming by christmas ? hopefully sooner well see, I am pretty excited about it which is fueling the fire, thats a plus :)