Thursday, June 10, 2010


Small Town USA Highway Patrol, These are Tactical Miniatures with Jada 2006 Camaro Police Cruisers, the tactical miniatures are cool looking miniatures, nice poses with plenty of detail, the only down side I found was that there was alot flashing to clean up and strong mold lines, on a couple of the weapons there was also alot of grit molded in which was really disappointing, aside from this I was quite happy with these minis.

So these guys and gal will form part of the local Law Enforcement, I also have a sheriff painted up who I am currently trying to find a ride for, I do have another Jada vehicle in mind but we will see how that goes, the Highway patrol will assist the local sheriff, and believe me he will need it, small town USA will soon become Zombieland, I think they painted up nice, hope you like them.

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cmnash said...

I really like the cop cruisers - where did you get them from?