Sunday, July 11, 2010


Hi all again, I'm still working on my 'Roads and Pavements' for Small Town USA and I am at the final stages of it,  while going throught the process I had to change colours as the original colours used had a strong blue hue running through them, which made the roads and pavements look unusual, so I went back to a more realistic tone, the roads and pavements should be finished by next weekend, its been real interesting painting wood, it reacts differently to how lead does, you have to use different painting techniques, anyway, so while I'm finishing off stage 1 of my Zombie terrain I painted up the first of many survivors, this guy may end up being either a Biker gang member or a Gun shop owner, but to be perfectly honest this mini reminds me of Paul Teutul Senior from American Chopper, am I right or what ? 

Sawn off pump action shotgun, not a bad choice of weapons, up close its lethal, believe me !

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