Sunday, July 25, 2010


So, I have been very busy lately, unfortunely not always doing the things that I want to be doing, But what I have managed to fit in this week has been fun and interesting, firstly I continued to shade and weather my roads and pavements system for Small Town USA, unfortunately for me this is quite a monotonous task, so its taking longer than it should, but, theres not that far to go now. 

I also managed to find some time to paint up another survivor, this guy is a local biker who has managed to get caught up in this Zombie Apocalypse, He is probably a friend of survivor #1 and is packing a Remington pump action shotgun, another poor sod to throw into the zombie killing machine.

I have also made some progress on a County sheriff along with his SUV, I will post him up real soon, But what has taken up most of my time is a new project invoving, the creation of a line of miniatures that I have wanted to see in existence for a long time, I will post on this soon aswell, very exciting stuff !

I want to make a couple more posts before the month is up, so stay tuned for a few quickies !

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