Thursday, July 29, 2010


Stage one is now finished, what a marathon that was hehehe, I ran into so many problems, bad colours, other colours not looking 'right', shading issues, the list goes on, but its all done, well at least stage one is, what a sense of satisfaction you get... well the photo was taken with the terrain set out on carpet, not the best place to do it, with certain parts not aligning and some of the lines not matching up, but hopefully you get the idea and you can start to see Small Town USA form up, even if it is slowly.

So where to now ? onto stage 2, the next piece of terrain I am going to tackle is the centre area which will be the local town's central parkland, grass, trees and park benches, this I'm sure will be full of challenges as I have never made any terrain with grass, let alone trees and parkbenchs, should be fun-ish lol.  


Whiteface said...

This is going to be pretty nice terrain when it's finished. I think I saw the boards some time ago when I was planning my own terrain, but the cost including delivery to Europe would have been too much for a hobby.
What buildings will you use?

Whiteface / Oliver

The Extraordinarii said...

Thanks for the encouragement, I have already purchased Plasticville buildings, should look sweet when finished :)

shintokamikaze said...

great job,it looks fantastic,well done

The Extraordinarii said...

Thanks Shinto, the terrain is pretty much finish for the stage that I'm at, but I will add more terrain later, I just want to get gamming.