Thursday, January 29, 2015


I picked up a couple of things while I was at Cancon, not much of a haul, but like I said the inspiration just wasn't there, anyway, as you can see I picked up the rule set Lion Rampant, have only heard good things thus far, so I look forward to trying this rule set out in the future, also picked up a few paint pots from Vallejo for an upcoming project, there is also a 15mm Ogre for my D&D project, which will feature in the next few posts, my D&D project that is, and finally also did a bit of an impulse buy, a 15mm mythological Hydra which marks the start of a new project based in Greek mythology, I am particularly excited about that project because I am of Greek descent, and have grown up reading the myths, I have already ordered some Greek hoplites from Xyston Miniatures who are the bees knees for all things ancient in 15mm, will post more on these items as I complete them.


Shelldrake said...

I will be interested to see what you think about 'Lion Rampant' as I was interested in these rules too.

Clint said...

Also interested in the Lion Rampant rules. They may be on my list for my first show in a months time. An Interesting haul indeed.

Paul O'G said...

C'mon man, that isn't even trying!


My wife wishes i and your restraint!

Zabadak said...

A very modest haul, but an interesting one none-the-less

DeanM said...

Quality purchases. I'm sure you'll enjoy Lion Rampant - and the price itself is impressive.

Phil said...

Waiting for the greek hoplites!

Baconfat said...

Everyone is buying LR, I guess I'll have to order it.

The Extraordinarii said...

@Shelldrake - I have read through them they seem like they would be fun.
@Clint - Rules look like they would be worth a go.
@Paul - Hahaha had the cash, but nothing to purchase, believe me I couldn't give it away lol

@Zabadak- Thanks man

@Dean- Your very right.

@Phil - Me too man

@Baconfat - Yeah go ahead and do it.

Art Braune said...

Curious - who is the manufacturer of the Hydra?