Saturday, May 11, 2013


Moving forward again with my Wild West Project, I painted some more Cowboys, these guys belong to the same cowboy gang as the outlaws I painted in a previous post (Go HERE to view that post), I painted them in similar tones and colours with all of them having a red neckerchief to link them together, this brings the gangs members to a total of seven men, I want to add at least a couple more to the total which will make these guys a force to be reckoned with, they have a mix of revolvers and rifles. 

As with all my Wild West miniatures they are from Bluemoon and are 15/18mm in scale. whats up next ? I will paint up the remainder of this gang, and then I will paint up a group of bounty killers (Hunters), you may even recognise some of them, well see.


Simon Q said...

Nice work mate, look forward to seeing the bounty killers for sure. These are posed really nicely.

Mathyoo said...

Those are nice! White really pops out

Phil said...

I made a zoom on your pictures to look at details...really great figures, I do like the two central characters on the first pic, poses are really nice, we are in a western!!
All the best,

Paul´s Bods said...

Nice painting on nice looking figs.

Zabadak said...

Another great addition to "Los pañuelos rojos"
Detailing is really good for their size.

Luckyjoe said...

Great job on these. I thought they were 25mm at first. Excellent.

Francis Lee said...

More damn good work sir!

The Extraordinarii said...

@Simon- Thanks Simon.
@Mathyoo- Yeah it seems to work well.
@Phil- Thanks Phil, Bluemoon make some nice miniatures.
@Bods- Cheers Paul.
@Zabadak- my spanish isn't great but The Red handkerchiefs ? love the name !
@LuckyJoe- Thanks Joe.
@Fran- NO, Thank you sir!