Friday, May 24, 2013


And so begins the process of Building my Wild West Town in 15/18mm, I don't know what this building does to contribute to this town but if you forced me to make something up, I would probably say that it will end up being a drug store, I have already organised signage but I haven't made a final decision just yet, this building is probably one of the smaller buildings that I will put together, it is one of about ten buildings that will make up my wild west town.

This is a DIY kit and a very detailed one at that, lots of little bits and pieces, with a lot of them needing painting prior to being put together, this made it very difficult, I made a lot of mistakes building this one, but I believe I have found a process which should make the next build faster and with a lot less mistakes, I hope you enjoy, there are more coming.


Rodger said...

That is a very cool building! Much better than the bunch I am trying to make for the town of Gettysburg at the moment!

Clint said...

Only 15mm. I thought it was a larger scale. The use of the building , as you say, maybe drugstore, I personally would go for Assay office or tobacconist. But if you don't actually give it a sign it will be whatever you want and perhaps different each time.

Nice one mate.

Paul´s Bods said...

Very neat looking

Luckyjoe said...

Nice job! I particularly like the weathering on the green.

Phil said...

Very nice work!

Zabadak said...

It's a great looking building and try this for inspiration:

It possibly the smallest town building I've seen

The Extraordinarii said...

@Rodger - Thanks mate, they are lasercut DIY kits, very well made.

@Clint - They will all get a sign eventually but I will put the signage up when I have built all the buildings, and then I will take a look at what suits what.

@Paul - Thanks mate.

@LuckyJoe - Yeah thanks Joe, it come up well.

@Phil - Thanks Phil

@Zabadak - Yeah, your not wrong, that is small for a town building.