Sunday, January 29, 2012


As previously posted I planned a trip to Cancon 2012 it is located in the suburb of Mitchell in Canberra, Australia, this was my first visit to a major convention here in Oz, must say I was excited.

I made the long drive up with my bro John (pictured above), we basically hired a vehicle and did the whole road trip thing, the trip itself wasn't as bad as I thought it was going to be, still plenty tiring though.

Demo Games

As far as free Demo games go, there wasn't enough, but there were some outstanding ones like this Alamo game, great scenery, plenty of miniatures and the guys were friendly to boot ! so much eye candy to be had here.

Another awesome demo game, Wings of War a WW1 air combat game, a great terrain mat, excellent miniatures and what seemed like a great set of rules, there were plenty of mid air collisions, machine gun jams, and close calls.

Tournament games
There was a lot of tournaments happening while we were there, I took pics of a few that I noticed as I passed them going to other games, Blood bowl, Stalingrad, DBA, Infinity.

They even dedicated a whole section to Magic the Gathering...... waste of space ?? I guess a lot of people didn't think so !

Now this is another area that I thought was a little lacking, barely anyone selling terrain or terrain pieces, and those who were selling miniatures had them all in a box in which you had to rummage through to find what you wanted, could have been better organised me thinks, but there were some traders that had set themselves up properly, they seemed to be the busiest, coincidence ? think not, here are some of the better set ups.

Overall Cancon 2012 was quite fun with plenty to do if you were prepared to get involved The game that stole our imagination the most was the WW1 air combat game Wings of War ! we watched it being played, even that was fun to do, we also played a few demo games, in the end we succumbed and bought the game ourselves, easily the best demo game of Cancon 2012.

What a collection .... Wow.

My brother and I played in this game, I am the German plane in the middle that is about to get sandwiched by two British planes, in this series of games I got shot at, hitting my fuel tank and causing me to explode in mid air, I was also shot to pieces over a few goes, causing my plane to crash to the earth, in other incidents I had a few close call possible mid air collisions, cannot praise this game enough for the 'Fun Factor' it puts out.

Its the Red Baron ! where was he when I needed him ?!!?


Lord Siwoc said...

I know this game and must admit it is pretty good fun!!!

Did you buy anything else?

The Angry Lurker said...

Sounds like a good day out, thanks for the pictures....

Rodger said...

Great photos. Really like the Western scene.

Vampifan said...

Looks like a lot of fun. Those Wild West buildings really impressed me as well.

The Extraordinarii said...

@Lord Siwoc - Just some Vallejo paints, got too many projects on the go, had to be very strict.

@TAL - Good weekend out

@Rodger & Vampifan - Yeah they were really sweet and nicely painted.

Brummie said...

Looked to be a great day!

I hate mooching through stuff like that.

Even if it was bagged and labelled it would be easier

lrqan said...

I'm glad the you had a good time.I'm off to my first show in years in a couple of weeks I hope I have as much fun. Well done.

cmnash said...

Good to see that you had a good time and those are some great pics you've shared with us.


The Extraordinarii said...

@Brummie - Yeah I do to, but some of it was bagged, still annoying though.

@Irqan - Yeah I did enjoy it mate, you will have a ball also, enjoy!

@Cmnash - Thanks mate, will post the goodies I bought next ... :)