Tuesday, August 24, 2010


Here is a cool Zombie flick for all you crazy Z day survivor wannabees, its a french movie, so you have to put up with subtitles (all you Sub haters beware) but its not long before you dont even notice your reading them, I purchased a copy off ebay, and waited patiently for my copy to arrive in the post, that night, the night it arrived, I went straight home and watched it, being a foriegn flick I wasnt expecting a whole lot, but, to my suprise it turned out unexpectedly fun and adventureous, the acting is good, the story is believable and the characters are likeable in a Zed kinda way, there is a bit of gore, but all in context and not really abused, all in all an enjoyable Zed flick, there is even a few scares thrown in for good measure, if you have the resources and like Zed flicks get your self a copy.

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