Tuesday, May 1, 2012


'Trenches of Europe'

This week I have a WOW (Wings of War) night planned with friends on Saturday night, hopefully we will see about six guys turn up for a 3 x 3 Allies vs Central Powers match up, there will be fast food, alcohol and hopefully lots of laughs, so for this post I am going to show off our (mine and my brother's) collection of terrain, planes and observation balloon.

'Observation Balloon'

We have managed to collect a good mix of planes on both sides of the conflict, most of the planes that we have collected were in use from about early mid war until the end of the war, we don't really have anything that is early war and we don't have anything as far as the giants of the sky go, I'm talking about a zeppelin and the really large bombers, like the Staaken, these are on the too get list.

'Planes of the Central Powers'

'The Allied planes'

Here is a handout I did for the night with the scenarios that will be played on Saturday, simple and fun is the idea, fingers crossed I hope all goes well.


The Angry Lurker said...

Would love a game and to try for bragging rights!

Luckyjoe said...

Great looking terrain and models. I hope you guys have a great time.

Vampifan said...

That's a fine looking collection you have there. Your gaming board looks really good. Have fun and may the best man win!

Zabadak said...

Terrain board looks great, what size is it ?

Wings of War is a great game and there is always good crack when we play with a group of players - enjoy your weekend.

cmnash said...

Hope it goes well for you!

Ray Rousell said...

I've always wanted to try these rules, but never got around to it.

Shelldrake said...

What a great collection of planes - My mate and I played a bit of WoW last year and had a blast, but we only had a few planes.

Looking forward to seeing the results of your game night.

The Extraordinarii said...

@Angry - get on a plane and get down here mate :)
@LuckyJoe - Cheers Joe.
@Vampifan - Thanks.
@Zabadak - Board is 1.2m x 1.2m.
@cmnash - should do.
@Ray - give it a crack lots of fun.
@Shelldrake - Ok cool, we will have to catch up for a game, will post an AAR soon.

Lead Legion said...

Very nice collection there. Realy impressive.

The Extraordinarii said...

Thanks Legion, still have a few more to collect then I can say that I'm done.

Ceterman said...

I asked on TMP but I'll ask here too, where did you get your game mat? Did you make it or is it from Terrain Mat? It's VERY cool looking!

The Extraordinarii said...

Hi Ceterman, Yes the terrain is from the Terrain Mat, beautifully made and quite tough too, highly recommend them, only thing is that it takes a a bit of time to get, but worth the wait.

Ceterman said...

Thanks so much for the answer. The other thing for me is 1t's $122US for the mat & $76US to ship! I don't mind the $122 it's the $76 that's stopping me. Last year at Historicon a gamer from the UK bought me a bunch of stuff & brought it over & saved me about &70 in shipping (I bought about $90 worth of stuff), we hadn't even met, it's fantastic what gamers will do for ya, maybe I'll try that again!
Thanks again,