Saturday, October 22, 2011


My Next completed items for my Tusk Project, are a pair of Coelodonta or simply known as the Woolly Rhinoceros, these miniatures are again in 15mm and are again from Primaeval Designs, Richard Deasey (sculptor) has again done a fantastic job on the sculpting side of things, accurate characterful, proportionate and detailed to the max, these were a joy to paint up and have turned up a treat, I tried my hardest to find a fault with these miniatures but they are simply perfect !

So these Rhinos will be just something else that can be hunted, and will add to the overall animal population and food count, now I received my order of extra mammoths, but I realised that I had ordered the wrong ones !! so Craig at Archeson Creations was kind enough to resend me the correct mammoths, these should hit my shores in about a week and a bit.

 once I receive the mammoth herd then its straight onto the terrain, I also have a few Terror birds and Hunting Dogs coming from Splintered light Minis, the only other things I want to get is probably a pack of wolves and some wild boars, and of course more Hunters and Hairy Bipeds when and if they are created through Primaeval Designs.


DeanM said...

Nice work and figures. I think I saw those sculpts up close in a game I played in several months ago - and Ice Age hunt scenario. Best, Dean

Brummie said...

Very nice sir. Run awaaaaaaay

The Extraordinarii said...

@Dean - yes they are excellent sculpts, Ice Age hunt scenario, kinda sounds like what I am doing!

@Brummie - Thanks

Galpy said...

crazy what you can get these days for games they look very dangerous i would run thats for sure

The Extraordinarii said...

LoL, you right, there isn't much you cant get Galpy.