Sunday, October 16, 2011


So I have been a little slack lately, taking plenty of time between posts, so I will post a few times over the next few days, anyway, today I have finished painting some Hairy biped types, these guys will be an opposing local clan to our protagonists, both parties will use the same hunting grounds, this of course will cause some heated encounters, these guys will be stronger than the human types, but will be governed by low intellect and low tech weapons.... there fists, I believe according to history that some of these Hominid types were also cannibalistic, so they will raid human camps looking for food !  

These miniatures are from 15mm.Co.UK, decent enough sculpts, but I think they were intended to be used as angry apes, but I will use them as Hairy bipeds, they came with a little flashing but nothing to serious, the only complaint I have is that they sent me six all in the same pose (I hate it when they do this), so I bent the arms at different angles to get some slight variation, I actually considered sculpting some human like faces on them, but doubted my skill at sculpting so I didn't, there are also some Khurasan hairy biped types that I want to get, these ones have clubbing weapons, perhaps I'll try sculpting human like faces on these miniatures, well see.


Ray Rousell said...

Very hairy!!

Brummie said...

Nice paintjobs on your hairy little chums. Looking forward to seeing how this progress onward :)