Tuesday, March 15, 2011


So I decided to revisit my Swat team, got rid of the old Eureka Swat team and invested in a beautifully sculpted TAG (The Assault Group) Swat team, I did this for a few reasons, the first of which was that I can see myself getting into some modern hostage rescue action, and Eureka's range just wasn't big enough, not enough specialists not enough variety, this was my first and main reason.

The second reason was that the Eureka range looked so so, the poses were not dynamic enough and a little repetative, overall a very average looking five figures, not what I had in mind, they were more of an impulse buy, having not even researched the subject.

Once I had a chance to look into, who made Swat miniatures there was hardly a choice to make, TAG Swat looked every bit as badass as you would expect Swat to be, Tactical Vests, Balaclavas, wide range of weaponary, Mp5's, M4 Carbines, Shotguns and Pistols, great sculpts with a variety of poses, can't recommend TAG Swat enough, great minis with badass attitudes. 

I have a second Swat group ready for deployment but I am unsure as to whether to paint them a different colour uniform, or should I keep them the same and go for the uniformed look ? what do you guys think ?


Vampifan said...

They look cool! As to what colour to paint your second team, I'd say paint them the same as your first lot. If you get more SWAT troopers from a different company (and there are plenty to chose from) then maybe think of a different colour scheme.

cmnash said...

I agree with VtG - they look great; might have to get some myself. Have you seen Offensive Miniatures range? not sure that they'll be compatible - their riot police are quite slender, but they have a few hostages and terrorists that might do.

The Angry Lurker said...

Stick with the same paint scheme as these look great, I will stick to my foundry swat with its giants and midgets but I think one of their best, picked them up on ebay for less than a pound per figure. I use them as hostage rescue or secret organisations military wing.

Whiteface said...

Ah, this is how the TAG SWAT minis look when painted!
The colour combination of dark blue and black is something I wanted to try for a long time now, but as you may have noticed in my last batrep haven't done yet.
I haven't even prepared and primed all off my TAG SWATs.

Whiteface / Oliver

Herrodadog said...

Wow - great work! This is deadly b/c all of a sudden I wanna do some.

Doug said...

I would say either keep them the say or paint them in all black uniforms (with dark grey high lighting to bring out the details). Both the Blue Uniforms and the Black Uniforms would look professional and can even be used together, Blue for the Alpha Squad and Black is the Bravo Squad. Ultimately though it is your choice and as I mentioned either Blue or Black both would be a great choice.

The Extraordinarii said...

wow, cheers all for the comments, it looks like I'll have to keep the same colour scheme going, have got one more team and a few specialists to go.

@ Angry lurker, Giants and midgets ahahah nice one, less than a pound ...nice
@Whiteface, come on mate get them painted ...lol
@ cmnash, yes... have been eyeing off there hostages.

again thanks all for the comments and suggestions.

Lemmiwinks said...

great background on this, bro!

Man Cave said...

Wow- they are REALLY the Business! Love the colour scheme - maybe just do the second team with am armband or helmet stripe to differentiate the two.

The Extraordinarii said...

Yeah thanks Mancave, they turned out well, I really like what your doing with the Dark ages stuff, it really neat.