Tuesday, December 14, 2010


I'm always a little unsure as to whether to include child like miniatures in games, especially if the games involve violence, somehow it feels wrong, this is something I would be interested in hearing the opinions of my fellow gamers, are you for or against this and why, I decided in the end that it is in context of the setting and reflects something that may actually happen (assuming a zed apoc would ever happen), violence in context I dont have a problem with, as long as it isn't violence for the sake of violence, I am looking forward to your opinions on this matter.

So these two miniatures are Comfy Chair miniatures from there orphan range, a couple of young kids with a strong will to survive, the male has multiple weapons, a dagger of sorts and a pair of scissors, while the female hides a dagger behind her back for the surprise attack, both miniatures are well sculptored, a little manga in style, and a little plain in there design but real nice overall, minimal prep work and easy to paint.

These miniatures I will probably use in a random encounter situation, or if players want to use them I guess they can, but I dare say they would be at a disadvantage, being kids with melee weapons, or they may also be mission objectives, who knows we will see.


The Angry Lurker said...

I use children(have some hasslefree) but mainly plot driven and for scenarios and I believe people will fight harder to protect children more than anything else.

cmnash said...

As a parent, the only thing that would keep me going in a zed-apocalypse would be my daughter, so I think that kids do have/deserve a place in zed-games. That said, I totally agree with your comments about violence having a contextual place. Kids don't belong in most wargames, but as I hinted above, I do believe they have a place in zed games - an important place at that!

I would be interested to see others' opinions as well - thanks for the post and the invitation!

The Extraordinarii said...

Lurker - I really like the idea of people fighting harder to keep the kids alive, after all they would represent our future right? I think based on that I will make an allowance in the rules, for extra points for parties that have kids in them and that survivor a game.
Nash - I can see we see eye to eye on this, I'm glad, as it is a touchy subject, too date 16 people have viewed this post with only 2 reply posts, I was hoping for a little more interaction, ah well we will see.

zombie hunter said...

having kids ingame is contravertial but ass long as its realisic its ok.
for example you wouldnt put kids oin the middle of WW3 but you could a zombie apocalypse.
those figs look great by the way, nice paintjob

The Extraordinarii said...

Your so right Zombie hunter, lets keep it real and in context, thanks for the kind words :)

zombie hunter said...

real and in context?were talking about a zombie appocalypse! cant get more real than that.
i tend to find peaple using kids figures do very well, i do anyway.