Thursday, February 11, 2010


Hi all, I must apologize for my unforseen break, I just had to deal with some personal stuff, now that it is behind me, onto the good stuff, Next on the agenda for the Roman side of things is Pompey himself and his very own personal guard, this guard consists of a group of very highly respected Evocarti, these are Veterans who have finished there tour of duty and have returned to personally serve Pompey himself, we cant dismiss the fact that they are being generously rewarded in pay and in status.

Im not going onto these guys straight away, but will get around to it soon, I want to get back onto Gladiators, as I see the end of the tunnel getting closer, besides this I am hanging out to have a Gladiatorial match.


Consul said...

Those command figures are exactly the ones i'm using for my command stand!

Crazy or what?! I guess that's what you get when you all buy Foundry ;) they're the best though.

The Extraordinarii said...

Your not wrong, but mine will be painted slightly different, me thinks.... its a shame Companion miniatures fell to pieces, there Caesarian Romans looked awesome aswell.